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  • Exploiting Multi-Loop Parallelism on Heterogeneous Microprocessors 

    Zuzak, Michael; Yeung, Donald (2016-11-10)
    Heterogeneous microprocessors integrate CPUs and GPUs on the same chip, providing fast CPU-GPU communication and enabling cores to compute on data "in place." These advantages will permit integrated GPUs to exploit a ...
  • Where is the Digital Divide? Examining the Impact of Socioeconomics on Security and Privacy Outcomes 

    Redmiles, Elissa M.; Kross, Sean; Mazurek, Michelle L. (2016-11-03)
    The behavior of the least-secure user can influence security and privacy outcomes for everyone else. Thus, it is important to understand the factors that influence these outcomes across a broad variety of people. Prior ...
  • SMILE: Simulator for Maryland Imitation Learning Environment 

    Huang, Di-Wei; Katz, Garrett E.; Gentili, Rodolphe J.; Reggia, James A. (2016-05-19)
    As robot imitation learning is beginning to replace conventional hand-coded approaches in programming robot behaviors, much work is focusing on learning from the actions of demonstrators. We hypothesize that in many ...
  • I Think They're Trying To Tell Me Something: Advice Sources and Selection for Digital Security 

    Redmiles, Elissa M.; Malone, Amelia; Mazurek, Michelle L. (2015-11-30)
    Users receive a multitude of digital- and physical-security advice every day. Indeed, if we implemented all the security advice we received, we would never leave our houses or use the Internet. Instead, users selectively ...
  • Body Maps on Human Chromosomes 

    Cherniak, Christopher; Rodriguez-Esteban, Raul (2015-11-08)
    An exploration of the hypothesis that human genes are organized somatotopically: For each autosomal chromosome, its tissue-specific genes tend to have relative positions on the chromosome that mirror corresponding positions ...

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