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  • On The Number of Unlabeled Bipartite Graphs 

    Atmaca, Abdullah; Oruc, Yavuz A (2016)
    Let $I$ and $O$ denote two sets of vertices, where $I\cap O =\Phi$, $|I| = n$, $|O| = r$, and $B_u(n,r)$ denote the set of unlabeled graphs whose edges connect vertices in $I$ and $O$. It is shown that the following ...
  • A Framework for Design Theory and Methodology Research 

    Herrmann, Jeffrey (2016-04)
    The scholarly study of design continues to develop new knowledge through a variety of approaches. Some researchers examine how designers work, and many develop new methods to help designers do design tasks. Studying ...
  • Physically Constrained Design Space Modeling for 3D CPUs 

    Serafy, Caleb; Srivastava, Ankur; Yeung, Donald (2015-12)
    Design space exploration (DSE) is becoming increasingly complex as the number of tunable design parameters increases in cutting edge CPU designs. The advent of 3D integration compounds the problem by expanding the architectural ...
  • Ambiguous Behavior of Logic Bistable Systems 

    Hurtado, Marco; Elliott, David L. (1975-10-04)
    The standard specification of logic bistable devices do not specify the behavior under conditions in which the input is logically undefined or in which certain kinds of multiple input changes occur. These conditions are ...

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