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New submissions to the thesis/dissertation collections are added automatically as they are received from the Graduate School. Currently, the Graduate School deposits all theses and dissertations from a given semester after the official graduation date. This means that there may be up to a 4 month delay in the appearance of a given thesis/dissertation in DRUM.

More information is available at Theses and Dissertations at University of Maryland Libraries.

Recent Submissions

  • Essays in Greenhouse/Nursery Economics 

    Saavoss, Monica Renee (2016)
    This dissertation focuses on the greenhouse and nursery industry in the United States. Two major issues are explored: irrigation and plant disease. The first two essays examine wireless soil-moisture sensor networks, an ...
  • A Worldwide History Spanning Genocide for the Sake of Corporate Profit 

    Eckstein, Jacob Daniel (2016)
    A Worldwide History Spanning Genocide for the Sake of Corporate Profit is the title of a thesis consisting of four stories. Crosky’s Knife is presented first for the sake of allowing potential readers to embrace a sense ...
  • Dwelling Beyond: Sustainable Design On Mars 

    Raimond, Austin Martin (2016)
    In 1620, over the course of 66 days, 102 passengers called the Mayflower their home before arriving and settling in Plymouth, New England. In the years following the Louisiana Purchase of 1803 nearly 7 million people ...
  • Reimagining the Public Library as Public Space 

    Lee, Christopher (2016)
    Once regarded as the public’s center of knowledge and information, public libraries today are challenged by the rise of mobile technology and the Internet. Information behavior of everyday library patrons have transformed ...
  • Prosthetic Architecture: Enabling Connection, Movement, and Empowerment 

    Flinn, Rachel (2016)
    This thesis explores the relationship between body and architecture through a metaphorical and literal analysis of prosthetic devices. The thesis questions how the relationship between prosthetics and architecture can ...

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