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<p>New submissions to the thesis/dissertation collections are added automatically as they are received from the Graduate School. Currently, the Graduate School deposits all theses and dissertations from a given semester after the official graduation date. This means that there may be up to a 4 month delay in the appearance of a given thesis/dissertation in DRUM.</p><p>More information is available at <a href=""target="_blank">Theses and Dissertations at University of Maryland Libraries</a>.</p>

Recent Submissions

  • A Heart in the River 

    Dempsey, Jennifer Lynn (2011)
    Exploring the boundaries of relationships, A Heart in the River questions the personal connections through which we identify the self. Through poems about war, poker, and family history, the speaker delves into memory and ...
  • Pathways to assistance for victims of intimate partner violence 

    Stabile, Rebecca Michelle (2015)
    Efforts to understand disclosure of abuse for victims of intimate partner violence have largely focused on characteristics of disclosure rather than the consequences of disclosure. Past research has found that disclosure ...
  • Small Molecule Activation and Atom and Group Transfer Reactions Mediated by Mid Valent Group 6 'CPAM' Complexes 

    Farrell, Wesley Scott (2015)
    The use of organometallic compounds to activate small molecules (e.g. CO2, N2, N2O, O2, etc.) has long been of significant scientific interest. Described here is the synthesis and characterization of mid valent group 6 ...
  • Inhabiting the Memoir: Architecture through Narrative Structure 

    Aronson, Erica Rachel (2015)
    Narrative structures have the ability to elevate architecture to more meaningful, poetic places. Memoirs in particular enable the reader to dissociate from his or her self to experience multiple ways of seeing and thinking ...

    Stout, Taylor Lane (2015)
    This thesis will explore new alchemies of architecture, urban planning and real estate development to remedy failing American malls and their urban contexts. The focus of this thesis is to build a toolbox of urban, ...

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