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Recent Submissions

  • Visualizing Quantum Reactive Scattering Dynamics 

    Warehime, Michael (2015)
    The Born-Oppenheimer approximation, which allows a decoupling of electronic and nuclear motion, underlies the investigation of molecular dynamics. In some cases this decoupling is not possible, so that nuclear motion can ...
  • Novel Dark Matter Phenomenology At Colliders 

    Wardlow, Kyle (2015)
    While a suitable candidate particle for dark matter (DM) has yet to be discovered, it is possible one will be found by experiments currently investigating physics on the weak scale. If discovered on that energy scale, the ...
  • Broadband Photodetection in Graphene 

    Cai, Xinghan (2015)
    Graphene, a single-atom-thick plane of carbon, has unique optoelectronic properties that result in a variety of potential photonic applications, such as optical modulators, plasmonic devices and THz emitters. In this thesis, ...
  • Atom-trapping and photon-counting experiments with optical nanofibers 

    Grover, Jeffrey Aaron (2015)
    New effects can arise in quantum physics when there is strong coupling, either between atoms and light or between different quantum systems. This thesis examines an optical nanofiber atom trap as a mediator of atom-light ...

    Wilson, Justin Howard (2015)
    Two major electromagnetic phenomena, magneto-optical effects and the Casimir effect, have seen much theoretical and experimental use for many years. On the other hand, recently there has been an explosion of theoretical ...

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