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Recent Submissions

  • Symbiotic Cities: Buenos Aires, Montevideo, and Mass Culture, 1910-1960 

    Richter, Daniel Alex (2016)
    This dissertation examines how Buenos Aires emerged as a creative capital of mass culture and cultural industries in South America during a period when Argentine theater and cinema expanded rapidly, winning over a regional ...
  • Development Begins at Home: Women and the Domestic Economy in Brazil, 1945-1975 

    Moura, Shawn (2016)
    A number of historians of twentieth-century Latin America have identified ways that national labor laws, civil codes, social welfare programs, and business practices contributed to a gendered division of society that ...

    Swaim, Carlyn Marie (2016)
    Many studies have observed the precipitous decline in American shipping following the Second World War. Most focus on changes in maritime policy and the upsurge of flags of convenience. Yet this interpretation relegates ...
  • Egyptian Pagans through Christian Eyes 

    Juliussen-Stevenson, Heather Ann (2016)
    Construction of Christian identity in Egypt proceeded in pace with construction of the Egyptian pagan “Other” between the second and sixth centuries. Apologies, martyrdoms, apocalypses, histories, sermons, hagiographies, ...
  • Spesutia Hundred, 1681-1799: A Study of a Colonial Maryland Parish 

    Becker, Ruth Anne (1978-12)
    My study of some aspects of the lives of the people of Spesutia Parish in Harford County, Maryland, was made possible by the discovery of three surviving documents from this area. There is a parish record listing births, ...

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