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Recent Submissions

  • Sutton E. Griggs and the African American Literary Tradition of Pamphleteering 

    Curry, Eric M. (2015)
    This dissertation argues that pamphlets have been neglected as a literary antecedent to the novel by scholars of African American literature. The dissertation focuses in particular on a narrative tradition of black uplift ...
  • Writing Transfer Across Domains: Academic, Personal, and Extracurricular Writing 

    Lindenman, Heather (2015)
    Over the last decade, scholars in composition studies have devoted significant attention to the issue of student transfer at the collegiate level. That is, they ask whether and how students repurpose their writing knowledge ...
  • Lafayette, America's Hero: The Growth of a Legend 

    Bloxom, Marguerite Doris (1963)
    The legend of Lafayette began to grow about the time of his 1784 goodwill visit to the United States. Identical biographical sketches of Lafayette appeared in several early histories of the Revolutionary War, and similar ...
  • On Leaning To Play The Piano With A Hammer 

    Foster, Mary Katherine (2015)
    By way of a libretto, these poems follow a singular speaker who figures herself within the simultaneous growth, passion, violence, and destruction inherent in the art, mythology, archetypes, dreams, and natural phenomena ...
  • In The Hall of The Great North American Mammal 

    Henderson, Mason (2015)
    "In The Hall of The Great North American Mammal" is a collection of poems in three parts that examines a speaker as he grapples with the concept of his own inevitable adulthood, finding, ultimately, that the depths of his ...

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