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Recent Submissions

  • + Space: Appropriation of Urban Infrastructure 

    Weller, Sofia (2015)
    This thesis explores and proposes urban design schemes for three underutilized and partially abandoned industrial and transportation properties that are presently voids and that are divisive to the urban fabric of Copenhagen’s ...
  • Designing to Engage Users in Sustainable Buildings 

    Grzywa, Ashley (2015)
    This thesis is an investigation of how buildings can be designed to encourage pro-environmental behavior by engaging users in a sustainable built environment. By engaging users in sustainability building design can reestablish ...
  • The Refugee Experience: Individual Survival to Community Engagement 

    Chaudhry, Lubna Halim (2015)
    As the world population expands with no reduction in conflict, there has been a rapid increase in the numbers of refugees. With such a massive increase in refugees, it is important to review the built environment that ...
  • Urban Mobility 

    Wallerich, Nader (2015)
    This thesis proposes the reconnection of Georgetown, Washington, DC to the Potomac River through an architectural promenade. As city planning is shifting towards the redesign of urban waterfront spaces, understanding the ...
  • Narrow Space : Designing the Interstitial 

    Steen, Siobhan Marie (2015)
    This thesis is an investigation of the formal and phenomenological characteristics of a specific spatial morphology: narrow, tall, long, habitable space which occurs between at least two other spaces whether connected or ...

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