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Recent Submissions

  • Designing Happiness: Architecture and urban design for joy and well-being 

    Habtour, Rebecca (2016)
    Scientific studies exploring the environmental and experiential elements that help boost human happiness have become a significant and expanding body of work. Some urban designers, architects and planners are looking to ...
  • The Architecture of Waste: Creating New Avenues for Public Engagement with Trash 

    Muller, Jeannine (2016)
    The relationship between industry, waste, and urbanism is one fraught with problems across the United States and in particular American cities. The interrelated nature of these systems of flows is in critical need of ...
  • The Co-Adapted Community: A New Vision for the Parks at Walter Reed 

    Perez-Ayalde, Karina Mercedes (2016)
    The human-canine bond is one that has existed for thousands of years, yet not until more recently has it gained serious attention in the military medical field. The following thesis will use architecture as a way to explore ...
  • School Development in Urbanizing Areas 

    Rai, Pranjali (2016)
    Good schools are essential for building thriving urban areas. They are important for preparing the future human resource and directly contribute to social and economic development of a place. They not only act as magnets ...

    Kang, MinSoo (2016)
    One in four residents of Baltimore City live in a food desert. Food desert disproportionately affects the low income neighborhoods more than the neighborhoods with financial stability. Throughout history, food became a ...

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