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Recent Submissions

  • The Contemporary Local Market: Creating a Network of Food Distribution 

    Shanklin, Eli William (2017)
    During the United Nations’ 1996 World Food Summit, the concept of “food security” was defined as existing “when all people, at all times, have physical, [social] and economic access to sufficient, safe and nutritious food ...
  • Remembering Place: Reviving the Ritual of Making 

    Pasquerello, Stephen Michael (2017)
    This thesis will address the reclamation of an abandoned building to revive its historical significance and restore its sense of place. We aim to preserve and enhance the value of the building in ways that remember the ...
  • Energizing Sustainable Lifestyles 

    Sahaniuk, Florencia (2017)
    The decrease in energy costs to the population of Buenos Aires has increased the consumption of energy and the lack of investment in the infrastructure of the electric grid has caused for the province of Buenos Aires to ...

    Li, Boyu (2017)
    Many villagers pursue a better life in cities nowadays due to urbanism in China, leaving their village home with farmland and seniors. Tourism is a double-edged sword. It salvages these villages economically but ignores ...
  • Achieving Independence: Housing for individuals on the Autism Spectrum 

    Tsouvalos, Marcus (2017)
    Living independently is one of the major milestones which represents one’s passage to adulthood. Many people may take this step for granted and assume it is an inevitable part of life, but for many adults with Autism ...

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