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Recent Submissions

  • Essays on Matching Markets and Their Equilibria 

    Utgoff, Naomi M. (2016)
    Matching theory and matching markets are a core component of modern economic theory and market design. This dissertation presents three original contributions to this area. The first essay constructs a matching mechanism ...
  • Trade Shocks and Local Labor Markets' Linkages: Theory and Evidence 

    Rodriguez Chatruc, Marisol (2016)
    In the past few years, there has been a concern among economists and policy makers that increased openness to international trade affects some regions in a country more than others. Recent research has found that local ...
  • Essays on Macroeconomic Trends and Cycles 

    Chen, Yiqun (2016)
    This dissertation describes two studies on macroeconomic trends and cycles. The first chapter studies the impact of Information Technology (IT) on the U.S. labor market. Over the past 30 years, employment and income shares ...

    Ueda, Ken Masahiro (2016)
    In this dissertation, I explore how workers’ human capital, local industry composition, and business cycles affect employment outcomes and residential migration for job losers and other workers. I first examine whether the ...
  • Essays on Uncertainty, Imperfect Information, and Investment Dynamics 

    Jia, Dun (2016)
    Understanding how imperfect information affects firms' investment decision helps answer important questions in economics, such as how we may better measure economic uncertainty; how firms' forecasts would affect their ...

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