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Recent Submissions

  • Essays on the Effects of Social Insurance for Disability 

    Rennane, Stephanie Louisa (2016)
    This dissertation examines how social insurance, family support and work capacity enhance individuals' economic well-being following significant health and income shocks. I first examine the extent to which the ...
  • Essays on Information Frictions, Prices and Unemployment 

    Morales-Jimenez, Camilo (2016)
    I investigate the effects of information frictions in price setting decisions. I show that firms' output prices and wages are less sensitive to aggregate economic conditions when firms and workers cannot perfectly understand ...
  • Economic Development of Urban Areas 

    Quistorff, Brian Alexander (2016)
    In this dissertation I study the development of urban areas. At the aggregate level I investigate how they may be affected by climate change policies and by being designated the seat of governmental power. At the household ...
  • Institutional Persistence and Change in England's Common Law: 1700-1865 

    Schmidt, Martin (2015)
    Institutions are widely regarded as important, even ultimate drivers of economic growth and performance. A recent mainstream of institutional economics has concentrated on the effect of persisting, often imprecisely measured ...

    Baschnagel, Charles Norbert (2015)
    This dissertation examines the price sensitivity of demand for higher education among non-traditional students in the United States. Chapter 1 discusses the issues related to the demand for higher education. It presents ...

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