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Recent Submissions

  • Essays in Trade and Uncertainty 

    Carballo, Jeronimo Rafael (2015)
    Firms face uncertainty on many different dimensions: demand level, productivity and input prices, taxes and regulations. Furthermore, some argue that uncertainty is higher in recessions (cf. Bloom et al. (2012)) and one ...

    Cuba Borda, Pablo Alfredo (2015)
    This dissertation investigates non-linear macroeconomic dynamics within the New Keynesian model during periods with zero short-term nominal interest rates. I implement modern quantitative tools to solve and analyze Dynamic ...
  • Essays on International Macroeconomics and Trade 

    Salas Maldonado, Jorge Miguel (2015)
    This dissertation explores quantitative implications of heterogeneity in price stickiness and contractual vulnerability within an open economy context. Particular attention is given to the effects of these frictions on ...
  • Credit and Liquidity in the Macroeconomy 

    Kreamer, Jonathan (2015)
    This dissertation studies the role of credit and liquidity in macroeconomic fluctuations. Chapter 1 analyzes the effect of endogenous unemployment risk on the dynamics of recovery from a liquidity trap. In a liquidity ...
  • Essays on Capital Flow Management 

    Zhu, Ling (2015)
    This dissertation investigates two questions about capital flow management: first, how to manage capital flows when there is more than one market imperfection; second, whether capital flow restrictions lead to multilateral ...

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