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  • The Space Between 

    Wyszomirska, Jowita (2016)
    I approach my practice through the truth that art is inseparable from reality. Reducing art to a single idea is an unnatural limitation because the creative process and its manifestations result from many parallel ideas, ...
  • Rural Decay Almanac 

    Winkler, Dane (2016)
    Rural Decay Almanac is an exhibition comprised of sculptural objects and video/sound documentation. The following is an explanation of inspiration and personal history, a proposed schematic/manual for the objects in the ...
  • Love-cheek, Azteca 

    Hamami, Aydin (2015)
    The act of painting is one of a physical, visceral nature, in which the intangible is made tangible, removed from our world in such a way as you allow us an abstract viewership, and intimately tied to our own physicality. ...
  • Ruin Imagery and the Iconography of Regeneration in Eighteenth Century French Art 

    Whitney, Stephen Henry (1977)
    While the extraordinary popularity of ruin imagery in eighteenth century France is well known to art historians, it has remained a largely unstudied, and thus misunderstood, cultural phenomenon. The profusion of ruin ...
  • Median 

    Hackett, Rob (2015)
    This thesis discusses the idea of median as it relates to both a physical barrier as well as a reference to the center point along a set of information. The navigation of the built environment and the memories generated ...

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