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Recent Submissions


    YANG, HAOMIN (2016)
    This thesis seeks to create a space that enables social energy in traditional senior apartments by overlapping with another program, the animal center. Animals, as spiritual beings, may help ease stress and loneliness in ...
  • The Arts Center at the University of Maryland 

    Holstine, Russell Wayne (2016)
    I believe people can have a relationship with another human being across space and time through art. The research question examines how architecture can facilitate a personal relationship across space and time by exhibiting ...
  • GOZAR( Iranian Cultural Park) 

    Naser, Zara (2016)
    The severed relationship between Iran and the United States is encapsulated within the abandoned architecture of the former Iranian Embassy. In essence, architecture has become the physical manifestation of a problem. This ...
  • Designing Happiness: Architecture and urban design for joy and well-being 

    Habtour, Rebecca (2016)
    Scientific studies exploring the environmental and experiential elements that help boost human happiness have become a significant and expanding body of work. Some urban designers, architects and planners are looking to ...
  • The Architecture of Waste: Creating New Avenues for Public Engagement with Trash 

    Muller, Jeannine (2016)
    The relationship between industry, waste, and urbanism is one fraught with problems across the United States and in particular American cities. The interrelated nature of these systems of flows is in critical need of ...

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