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Recent Submissions

  • Considerations for Equine Lease Agreements 

    Bhadurihauck, Sara; Goeringer, Paul (2017-04)
    Offering a horse for lease can be a good option for an owner who is unable to ride or care for their horse due to physical, time, or financial constraints but still wishes to maintain ownership. A lease can be an alternative ...
  • Farmer-saved Seed: What is Legal? What is Not? 

    Morris, Dale; Kratochvil, Robert; Goeringer, Paul (2017-06)
    Most wheat and soybean seed sold in Maryland is protected by either U.S. Patent Law or the Plant Variety Protection Act (PVPA). These protections severely limit the age-old practice of “farmer-saved seed” or prohibit it ...
  • Conservation Land-Use Policy Toolkit 

    Lewis, Rebecca; Newburn, David; Zlevor, Kelsey; Knaap, Gerrit (2017-06)
  • Farm Data: Ownership and Protections 

    Ellixson, Ashley; Griffin, Terry (2017-01)
    The issue of farm data has been a contentious point of debate with respect to ownership rights and impacts when access rights are misappropriated. One of the leading questions farmers ask deals with the protections provided ...

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