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  • Towards Data-Driven Operational Wildfire Spread Modeling: A Report of the NSF-Funded WIFIRE Workshop 

    Gollner, Michael; Trouve, Arnaud; Altintas, Ilkay; Block, Jessica; de Callafon, Raymond; Clements, Craig; Cortes, Anna; Ellicott, Evan; Filippi, Jean Baptiste; Finney, Mark; Ide, Kayo; Jenkins, Mary Ann; Jimenez, Daniel; Lautenberger, Christopher; Mandel, Jan; Rochoux, Melanie; Simeoni, Albert (2015-01-13)
    This report presents a record of the discussions that took place during the workshop entitled “Towards Data-Driven Operational Wildfire Spread Modeling” held on January 12-13, 2015, at the University of California, San ...
  • Can Cooling Technology Save Many-Core Parallel Programming from Its Programming Woes? 

    O'Brien, Sean; Vishkin, Uzi; Edwards, James; Waks, Edo; Yang, Bao (2015-10-16)
    This paper is advancing the following premise (henceforth, "vision"): that it is feasible to greatly enhance data movement in the short term, and do it in ways that would be both power efficient and pragmatic in the long ...
  • Optimization Models for Speed Control in Air Traffic Management 

    Jones, James Calvin (2015)
    In a typical air traffic control environment, the precise landing times of en route aircraft are not set until each aircraft approaches the airspace adjacent to the destination airport. In times of congestion, it is not ...
  • Disturbance rejection for U.A.S. aircraft using bio-inspired strain sensing 

    Castano Salcedo, Lina Maria (2015)
    A bio inspired gust rejection mechanism based on structural inputs is proposed. Insect wings possess a wealth of sensor systems which typically consist of fast reflexive neuronal paths. Stretch and strain sensors on insect ...

    GU, FENG (2015)
    Transparent conductive films (TCFs) are materials with both high optical transmittance and high electrical conductivity. This thesis focuses on developing high transparent, high conductive, and low-cost transparent conductive ...

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