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The collections in this community comprise faculty research works, as well as graduate theses and dissertations.

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  • Erotic Curse Tablets from the Heroön of Opheltes at Nemea 

    Bravo, Jorge J. III (The American School of Classical Studies at Athens, 2016)
    Four inscribed lead curse tablets excavated from the Heroön of Opheltes at Nemea are edited and presented here with commentary. The texts of the tablets are erotic in nature, but closer analysis reveals a fundamental ...
  • A Heart in the River 

    Dempsey, Jennifer Lynn (2011)
    Exploring the boundaries of relationships, A Heart in the River questions the personal connections through which we identify the self. Through poems about war, poker, and family history, the speaker delves into memory and ...
  • "The other side of the picture": Social History, Popular Culture, and the Idea of the Sand Creek Massacre 

    Tanner, Kerry (2015)
    Competing schools of thought regarding American imperialism, American constructions of race, Native American experiences, and white settlers’ place within the American West can be seen in non-fiction and fictional accounts ...
  • Transcribing Viola da Gamba Literature for the Modern Double Bass 

    Alger, Shawn (2015)
    The double bass, in its modern incarnation, dates from the late nineteenth century, which means that any performer wishing to play solo music from an earlier era must resort to transcriptions. For modern bassists wishing ...
  • The Explanatory Role of Intentional Content in Cognitive Science 

    Knoll, Andrew Charles (2015)
    This work argues that intentional content plays at least two explanatory roles in cognitive science. First, it allows cognitive states to be type-individuated independently of their relations to one another and to mind ...

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