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The collections in this community comprise faculty research works, as well as graduate theses and dissertations.

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  • Harbor 

    Young, Martha A. (2011)
    The speaker confronts both her ambiguous relationship with her father and becoming a parent herself, moving from fear and anger to a tentative reconciliation. Specific topics also include motherhood, the author's younger ...
  • Sanctuary Influence in Classical Representations of Incubation: The Motif of the Witness Awake 

    Barrenechea, Francisco (Phoenix, a Journal of the Classical Association of Canada, 2016)
    Classical representations of the miracle cures of Asclepius reflect a model influenced by the agenda of his sanctuaries, particularly in the way they seek to give proof of the experience of incubation and the manifestation ...
  • Regarding the nature of things 

    Hird, Kevin (2017)
    The works discussed and shown herein are an investigation into the properties and possibilities of materials. Prompted by a sense of playfulness and exploration, these works build upon and combine the fields of Dadaism and ...
  • Mal-Content 

    Brooks, Curtis W. (2017)
    Mal-Content is a project culminating in an exhibition including several laser-cut etchings, a large vinyl application to the wall, and a small book of symbols. This document consists of visual documentation and an edited ...

    Benson, Zachariah Chyanne (2017)
    My work serves a purpose. I have a desire to build things, as most of my pieces show, to lift people up, to redeem people and to redeem materials. My work captures the aspects of life that I feel need to be highlighted, ...

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