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Recent Submissions

  • Oral History Interview: Mary Cooney 

    LaCherra, Kevin; Cooney, Mary (2014-05)
    A streaming version of the video is available at
  • La Familia Es Lo Primero - An Oral History Interview with Violeta Rivas 

    Herberger, Mallory B.; Rivas, Violeta (2014-05)
    In this oral history interview, Violeta Rivas discusses her experience as an immigrant in the United States. Born in Nicaragua in 1960, Violeta and her husband came to the U.S. in 1984 to escape the Sandinista regime and ...
  • Juvenal Valeriano Lastarria Interview 

    Lastarria, James; Valeriano, Juvenal (2014-05)
    After looking back at the interview, I see some themes that could probably be explored more on a follow up interview. Mr. Lastarria places a lot of importance on education. He did not succumbed to the ideas of the senderistas ...
  • Oral History Interview - Vivian Ojo: Namibia 

    Saldana, Stephanie; Ojo, Vivian (2014-05)
    The interview I conducted was of Vivian Ojo. Vivian is a senior at Georgetown University. She is from Windhoek, Namibia which is the capital of the country. Vivian came to the U.S. to attend college making her immigration ...
  • Interview between Ryan Goldberg and Gina Heredea 

    Goldberg, Ryan A.; Heredea, Gina (2014-05)

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