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Recent Submissions

  • Personal Digital Archiving at the Public Library 

    Wickner, Amy (2017-04-21)
    Public library programs and services increasingly bring personal digital archiving and do-it-yourself digital conversion into public spaces. What are the values and impacts of such resources? What role, if any, does public ...
  • Learning, Teaching, and the Archives 

    Alghandoor, Erin; Hyde, Elizabeth; DiFranco, Jessica (2017-04-21)
    The Kean University Archives and Special Collections works closely with the Kean University Department of History and Honors History students. Our poster will highlight how we collaborate together to come up with projects, ...
  • Off the Page: Reconstructing/Re-imagining a Dance Score 

    Wiesner, Susan L (2017-04-27)
    The idea for Schrifftanz Zwei, a collaboration between two choreographers, an archivist, a composer, and an animator, began at the Digital Humanities conference where four DHers decided to collaborate to re-imagine a dance ...
  • What’s Wrong with this Picture? How Format and Issue Identification Tools Can Help You 

    Pike, Robin C. (2013-11-08)
    Session 3 from the Mid-Atlantic Regional Archives Conference fall 2013 meeting. In this fast-paced session, speakers will highlight a variety of new and innovative technology tools, including software, websites, and social ...
  • Archival Impact: Increasing Connections to Collections through Digitization 

    Pike, Robin C. (2016-04-15)
    Digitization of collections can help to improve internal workflows, make materials more accessible, and create new and engaging relationships with users. Robin Pike from the University of Maryland will discuss how they ...

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