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Recent Submissions

  • WorldCat UMD Usability Final Report 

    Goldfinger, Rebecca (2017-07-20)
    In April 2015, a subgroup of the University Libraries' Discovery Group began its two phase usability testing, conducting the first phase on WorldCat Local. In July of 2015, the Libraries transitioned from WorldCat Local ...
  • Management of Digital Programs in Special Collections 

    Pike, Robin C. (2017-07-19)
    Class lecture on digitizing special collections for CUA CLSC 747 Special Collections. Presented in 2015, 2016, and 2017 with minor modifications.
  • Dataset for Instructor Use of Educational Streaming Video Resources 

    Horbal, Andy (2017-07)
    Dataset for research project titled "Instructor Use of Educational Streaming Video Resources."
  • Commons Model In Libraries - Challenges & Successes 

    Soergel, Elizabeth; Banyas, Kelly; Zdravkovska, Nevenka (2017)
    In the last few years academic libraries in the United States embraced the new Commons model, where each of these commons, such as learning commons, research commons, subject and format commons, etc., has its own specific ...
  • Make and Remake: Adapting Library Makerspaces to Meet Institutional Needs 

    Soergel, Elizabeth; Banyas, Kelly (2017-06-19)
    Makerspaces have become a mainstay in many universities in the United States. At the University of Maryland (UMD), there are a variety of makerspaces available to the university community, including in private labs, ...

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