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    • Planning for the Future: Montgomery County Parks 

      Clauff, Jack; Cuenca, Joy; Farzin, Melissa; Vaughn, Angela; Waldron, Jeremy (Partnership for Action Learning in Sustainability (PALS), 2018)
    • Housing Market Impacts of Inclusionary Zoning 

      Bento, Antonio M.; Knaap, Gerrit; Lowe, Scott (2008)
      Many communities across the country face affordable housing challenges. An increasing number of communities are considering inclusionary zoning as a response. Inclusionary zoning programs, which require developers to sell ...
    • Getting Cars Off the Road: The Cost-Effectiveness of an Episodic Pollution Control Program 

      Alberini, Anna; Baur, Patrick; Cropper, Maureen; Jiang, Yi (2010)
      Ground level ozone remains a serious problem in the United States. Because ozone non-attainment is a summer problem, episodic rather than continuous controls of ozone precursors are possible. We evaluate the costs and ...
    • Maryland Agriculture Lending Conditions, Land Values and Cash Rental Rates 2018 

      Kuykendall, Olivia; Goeringer, Paul (2018-11)
      In Spring 2018, Maryland farmers were surveyed to determine current land values, rental rate and lending conditions. Surveyors received responses from seven out of nine University of Maryland Extension program clusters. ...
    • Revenue Insurance Now Available For Dairy Producers 

      Kuykendall, Olivia; Goeringer, Paul (2018-10)
      USDA recently approved a financial risk management program for farmers who are vulnerable to dairy price fluctuations. The Dairy Revenue Protection program is buy-in insurance that covers a percentage of a producer’s ...