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    • Trade and Economic Growth in the Eighteenth Century Chesapeake 

      Hardy, Stephen Gregg (1999)
      This dissertation explores the growth of the economy of Maryland and Virginia from the late 1600s to 1775 using the Naval Officer Shipping Lists for these colonies. These records contain complete cargo and ship information ...
    • British Influence in Mesopotemia 1900-1914 

      Amin, Abdul Amir (1957)
      Although several European powers showed early interest in the Persian Gulf and Mesopotamia, its natural land extension, Britain was more successful than her rivals in exploiting commercial and political possibilities in ...
    • Women Journalists and the Municipal Housekeeping Movement: Case Studies of Jane Cunningham Croly, Helen M. Winslow and Rheta Childe Dorr 

      Gottlieb, Agnes Hooper (1992)
      While suffragists in the late nineteenth century commanded a high profile in their fight for the vote, other less militant women also advocated a wider sphere for women. These semi-traditional women believed a woman's ...
    • Submaximal Function Algebras 

      Van Meter, Garrett Oliver II (1971)
      Let X be a compact Hausdorff space. A function algebra on X is a complex Banach subalgebra of C(X) which separates the points of X and contains the constants. Moreover, a function algebra on X is maximal if it is ...
    • ANNUALS: A Collection of Poems 

      Mackey, John Joseph (1978)
      The poems in this collection were written during the past year and are arranged in roughly chronological order. My intention in writing the poems was to construct a truthful recreation of experience which would ...