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      Bowers Comer, Lucette (Digital Repository at the University of MarylandUniversity of Maryland (College Park, Md), 1988)
      Because of an increasing shortage of qualified salespersonnel, recruiters for sales positions are very receptive to female applicants. Despite this, sex-discrimination is still detectable in the market place. Some sales ...
    • Meeting report: GenBank microbial genomic taxonomy workshop (12–13 May, 2015) 

      Federhen, Scott; Rossello-Mora, Ramon; Klenk, Hans-Peter; Tindall, Brian J.; Konstantinidis, Konstantinos T.; Whitman, William B.; Brown, Daniel; Labeda, David; Ussery, David; Garrity, George M.; Colwell, Rita R.; Hasan, Nur; Graf, Joerg; Parte, Aidan; Yarza, Pablo; Goldberg, Brittany; Sichtig, Heike; Karsch-Mizrachi, Ilene; Clark, Karen; McVeigh, Richard; Pruitt, Kim D.; Tatusova, Tatiana; Falk, Robert; Turner, Seán; Madden, Thomas; Kitts, Paul; Kimchi, Avi; Klimke, William; Agarwala, Richa; DiCuccio, Michael; Ostell, James (Springer Nature, 2016-02-09)
      Many genomes are incorrectly identified at GenBank. We developed a plan to find and correct misidentified genomes using genomic comparison statistics together with a scaffold of reliably identified genomes from type. A ...
    • Data for: Eelbrain: A Python toolkit for time-continuous analysis with temporal response functions 

      Brodbeck, Christian; Bhattasali, Shohini; Das, Proloy (2021)
      This dataset accompanies “Eelbrain: A Python toolkit for time-continuous analysis with temporal response functions” (Brodbeck et al., 2021) and is a derivative of the Alice EEG datasets collected at the University of ...
    • Distinct genomic and epigenomic features demarcate hypomethylated blocks in colon cancer 

      Sharmin, Mahfuza; Bravo, Héctor Corrada; Hannenhalli, Sridhar (Springer Nature, 2016-02-11)
      Large mega base-pair genomic regions show robust alterations in DNA methylation levels in multiple cancers. A vast majority of these regions are hypomethylated in cancers. These regions are generally enriched for CpG ...
    • Impact of the shedding level on transmission of persistent infections in Mycobacterium avium subspecies paratuberculosis (MAP) 

      Slater, Noa; Mitchell, Rebecca Mans; Whitlock, Robert H.; Fyock, Terry; Pradhan, Abani Kumar; Knupfer, Elena; Schukken, Ynte Hein; Louzoun, Yoram (Springer Nature, 2016-02-29)
      Super-shedders are infectious individuals that contribute a disproportionate amount of infectious pathogen load to the environment. A super-shedder host may produce up to 10 000 times more pathogens than other infectious ...