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    • Digital Preservation Planning: Choosing Systems 

      Appel, Rachel; Olsen, Allison; Oswald, Sarah; Rentschler, Megan; Sfirri, Sam; Stasiulatis, Suzanne; Valigorsky, Marie (2021-10-09)
      Archivists from the Pennsylvania State Archives will share how they are managing and prioritizing digital preservation, highlighting the challenges faced in current projects. Although they do not have a preservation system ...
    • We are what we eat: how the diet of infants affects their gut microbiome 

      Pop, Mihai (Springer Nature, 2012-04-30)
      Simultaneous analysis of the gut microbiome and host gene expression in infants reveals the impact of diet (breastfeeding versus formula) on host-microbiome interactions.
    • Transcriptome of the adult female malaria mosquito vector Anopheles albimanus 

      Martínez-Barnetche, Jesús; Gómez-Barreto, Rosa E; Ovilla-Muñoz, Marbella; Téllez-Sosa, Juan; García López, David E; Dinglasan, Rhoel R; Ubaida Mohien, Ceereena; MacCallum, Robert M; Redmond, Seth N; Gibbons, John G; Rokas, Antonis; Machado, Carlos A; Cazares-Raga, Febe E; González-Cerón, Lilia; Hernández-Martínez, Salvador; Rodríguez López, Mario H (Springer Nature, 2012-05-30)
      Human Malaria is transmitted by mosquitoes of the genus Anopheles. Transmission is a complex phenomenon involving biological and environmental factors of humans, parasites and mosquitoes. Among more than 500 anopheline ...
    • The partitioned LASSO-patternsearch algorithm with application to gene expression data 

      Shi, Weiliang; Wahba, Grace; Irizarry, Rafael A; Corrada Bravo, Hector; Wright, Stephen J (Springer Nature, 2012-05-15)
      In systems biology, the task of reverse engineering gene pathways from data has been limited not just by the curse of dimensionality (the interaction space is huge) but also by systematic error in the data. The gene ...
    • miRNA-dysregulation associated with tenderness variation induced by acute stress in Angus cattle 

      Zhao, Chunping; Tian, Fei; Yu, Ying; Liu, George; Zan, Linsen; Updike, M Scott; Song, Jiuzhou (Springer Nature, 2012-06-01)
      miRNAs are a class of small, single-stranded, non-coding RNAs that perform post-transcriptional repression of target genes by binding to 3’ untranslated regions. Research has found that miRNAs involved in the regulation ...