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    • Systematic Review Task Force Report 

      Coalter, Jodi; Gammons, Rachel; Over, Sarah; Ritchie, Stephanie; Tchangalova, Nedelina (2020-01)
      In today’s busy research university library, many advanced level researchers need specialized research support. Literature review workshops have been very popular at the UMD Libraries in the last couple of years. Systematic ...
    • RBG Tweet Identifier Dataset 

      Summers, Ed (2020-09-25)
      This is a dataset of tweet identifiers remembering the life of Ruth Bader Ginsburg.
    • Computational approaches for improving the accuracy and efficiency of RNA-seq analysis 

      Sarkar, Hirak N/A (2020)
      The past decade has seen tremendous growth in the area of high throughput sequencing technology, which simultaneously improved the biological resolution and subsequent processing of publicly-available sequencing datasets. ...
    • Factors Contributing to the Experience of State Loneliness 

      Rinderknecht, Robert Gordon (2020)
      In this dissertation, I examine the factors that contribute to the experience of loneliness in daily life (i.e., state loneliness). In the first study, I propose that being alone is most likely to lead to feelings of ...

      Curtis, Jonathan (2020)
      Quasiparticle descriptions are a powerful tool in condensed matter physics as they provide an analytical treatment of interacting systems. In this thesis we will apply this tool to theoretically describe two systems: a ...