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    • SMAP soil moisture assimilated Noah-MP model output 

      Ahmad, Jawairia; Forman, Bart; Kumar, Sujay (2021)
      The data archived here includes the NASA Noah-MP (version 4.0.1) land surface model output used in the investigation of the impact of passive microwave-based soil moisture retrieval assimilation on soil moisture estimation ...

      Maze, Alena (2021)
      When using commercial address lists to sample households, investigators spend considerable time and money on screening households for eligibility as well as locating certain subpopulations (to achieve target sample sizes). ...
    • Reserves UNreserved 

      Spangler, Emily; Negro, Toni; Singh, Madhu (2017-03-23)
      Academic libraries struggle with managing print course reserves and making them easily accessible to students, while also attempting to streamline their service desk operations. At a state university system regional center, ...
    • Feminine Quests in Arthurian Legends 

      Spangler, Emily (Sparks: Journal of Undergraduate Research and Creative Works, 2015-03)
      This paper examines the correlation between women, purpose, and power within the medieval Arthurian legends. Women had little to no power during the Middle Ages, and the patriarchal ideology that dominated the culture is ...
    • The British Novel and Lacan: Duality and Reflection 

      Spangler, Emily (2015-12)
      This paper looks at the relationship between two British female writers, Virginia Woolf and Zadie Smith, in relation to the theories of the mirror stage and desire of the mother constructed by the prominent psychoanalyst, ...