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    • Girls to the Front: What Riot Grrrl Tells Us About Women in Library IT 

      Dohe, Kate (Library Juice Press, 2018-07)
      This contribution to a collection of essays and personal narratives explores the author's background in patriarchal communities, and how riot grrrl became a foundational ethos of her career in library information technology.
    • Iranian Public Opinion after the Protests 

      Gallagher, Nancy; Mohseni, Ebrahim; Ramsay, Clay (CISSM, 2018-07-09)
      Summary of Findings 1. More Iranians See Economy as Bad and Getting Worse Growing majorities say Iran’s economic situation is bad and getting worse. Less than a fifth now say the economic condition of their family has ...
    • The Uncertainty Principle in Harmonic Analysis and Bourgain's Theorem 

      Powell, Alexander M. (2003)
      We investigate the uncertainty principle in harmonic analysis and how it constrains the uniform localization properties of orthonormal bases. Our main result generalizes a theorem of Bourgain to construct orthonormal bases ...
    • Impact of Restoration Activity on Wetland Soil Properties and Functions 

      Palardy, Christopher Andrew (2018)
      Due to the essential nature of wetlands and their historic losses, wetland restoration has been a recent focus of conservation activity. The objective of this study was to compare selected physical soil properties and those ...
    • The Crown: Paradise Reclaimed 

      Basch, Rebecca (2018)
      The story of my life and the story of my art are intrinsically connected. Through a personally authored story, that I identified as possessing the universal framework of the monomyth (as identified by Joseph Campbell), I ...