Scope of DRUM content

DRUM currently collects three main types of content. These include master's theses and doctoral dissertations produced by University of Maryland (UMD) graduate students, unpublished or informally-published research, and formally-published scholarship.

Electronic theses and dissertations (ETDs)

At UMD, electronic submission of theses and dissertations has been mandatory since the fall semester of 2003. Students submit their documents to the Graduate School and, after approval, they are automatically deposited and archived in DRUM.

Access to an electronic dissertation or thesis will sometimes be restricted in DRUM at the request of the author (this is called an 'embargo'). The most common reasons are because the author intends to publish the dissertation or because the dissertation supports a patent application. In these cases, descriptive information and a full abstract will still be accessible in DRUM, but access to the full text will be delayed until the embargo period has elapsed.

Informally-published or unpublished UMD research

Submissions may include, but are not limited to, technical reports, working papers, white papers, and conference presentations from various academic departments, research centers, and organizations affiliated with UMD, along with undergraduate research from various honors programs. Faculty and researchers may also use DRUM for data, code, images, supplemental materials, and other research products associated with projects and studies.

Formally-Published UMD Faculty Research

Depending on the author's agreement with the publisher, this includes peer-reviewed articles (pre- or post-publication) published in traditional journals, monographs, book chapters, or research made publicly available elsewhere. As an open-access repository, DRUM provides wider dissemination of the work, which increases the likelihood that UMD research will be discovered and cited. In addition, DRUM accepts research created prior to appointment at Maryland.

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