DRUM Distribution License

The text of the agreement:

By signing and submitting this agreement, I grant the University of Maryland a no cost, nonexclusive, right and license to include the scholarly material identified below in the Digital Repository at the University of Maryland ("DRUM") and, through DRUM, to reproduce, publicly display and distribute the material at no cost to users world-wide provided the University does not alter the content of the material. I understand that if I wish to publish the material with a third party that requires me to assign to it all my rights in the material, I may direct the University to remove the material from DRUM. In such an event, I understand that a bibliographic reference to the material will be retained in DRUM, but the material will be removed to a "dark archive" that is not publicly accessible. I represent that I am the sole or joint owner of the entire copyright in the material or, to the extent that I do not hold copyright in any part of the material, that I have written authority from the owner of copyright to grant this license to the University of Maryland. If the material is based on work that was sponsored or supported by an agency or entity other than the University of Maryland, I represent that I complied with any requirements the sponsor may have imposed on publication including a right of review or inclusion of an acknowledgement of its support.

This agreement will be interpreted and governed in accordance with applicable Federal law and the laws of the State of Maryland without reference to its conflict of laws rules.

(End agreement text)

Read more information about your rights as an author and about giving non-exclusive rights to the University of Maryland so your work can be maintained in DRUM.

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