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An investigation of the stability and diffusivity of flexible lipid vesicles for transdermal insulin delivery

dc.contributor.advisorWang, Nam Sun
dc.contributor.authorBaumgarten, David
dc.contributor.authorChait, Nicole
dc.contributor.authorChen, David
dc.contributor.authorDo, Linh-Yen
dc.contributor.authorJohnston, James
dc.contributor.authorLu, Keran
dc.contributor.authorQuinn, Kevin
dc.contributor.authorTylka, Benjamin
dc.contributor.authorVichayakul, Vanessa
dc.contributor.authorZhou, Yishan
dc.descriptionGemstone Team No More Needles
dc.description.abstractFlexible lipid vesicles have the potential of complementing or even replacing traditional needle injection methods for insulin delivery. Vesicles are made flexible by the incorporation of a chemical surfactant which may also hinder their stability. We studied the changes in the size and apparent flexibility of vesicles with varying surfactant concentrations over time and the effects these changes have on vesicle diffusion. We found that increased surfactant concentrations lead to greater size fluctuations. In addition, we witnessed a significant decrease in the flexibility of vesicles over six weeks, while the diffusivity of surfactant infused liposomes increased over a single week. Our data suggests that while surfactants are necessary in vesicles for transdermal drug delivery, their long-term stability is uncertain. Using our diffusion data, we developed a model to estimate the insulin delivering capacity of a hypothetical insulin patch which has the potential to stabilize vesicles for extended periods of time.en
dc.format.extent795397 bytes
dc.subjectinsulin deliveryen
dc.subjectneedle injection methodsen
dc.subjectGemstone Team No More Needles
dc.titleAn investigation of the stability and diffusivity of flexible lipid vesicles for transdermal insulin deliveryen
dc.relation.isAvailableAtDigital Repository at the University of Maryland
dc.relation.isAvailableAtGemstone Program, University of Maryland (College Park, Md)

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