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Indium Phosphide MEMS Cantilever Waveguides with Integrated Readout for Chemical Sensing

dc.contributor.advisorGhodssi, Rezaen_US
dc.contributor.authorSiwak, Nathan Paulen_US
dc.description.abstractThis thesis presents the development towards an integrated, monolithic, micro-electro-mechanical system (MEMS) cantilever waveguide resonator chemical sensor using the III-V semiconductor indium phosphide (InP). Waveguide cantilevers with resonant frequencies as high as 5.78 MHz, a quality factor of 340, and a sensitivity of 4.4x10^16 Hz/g are shown for the first time in this system. The first demonstration of vapor detection using the sensor platform is performed utilizing an organic semiconductor Pentacene absorbing layer. Vapors are measured from mass shifts of 6.56x10^-14 and 7.28x10^-14 g exhibiting a mass detection threshold of 5.09x10^-15 g. The design, fabrication, and testing of an integrated waveguide PIN photodetector with an In0.53Ga0.47As absorbing layer is reported. Dark currents as low as 8.7 nA are measured for these devices. The first demonstration of a resonating cantilever waveguide measurement is also performed using the monolithically integrated waveguide photodiodes with uncertainty of less than ± 35 Hz. Finally, a future outlook is presented for this monolithic InP sensor system.en_US
dc.format.extent7000968 bytes
dc.titleIndium Phosphide MEMS Cantilever Waveguides with Integrated Readout for Chemical Sensingen_US
dc.contributor.publisherDigital Repository at the University of Marylanden_US
dc.contributor.publisherUniversity of Maryland (College Park, Md.)en_US
dc.contributor.departmentElectrical Engineeringen_US
dc.subject.pqcontrolledEngineering, Electronics and Electricalen_US
dc.subject.pqcontrolledPhysics, Opticsen_US
dc.subject.pqcontrolledEngineering, Mechanicalen_US
dc.subject.pquncontrolledIndium Phosphideen_US
dc.subject.pquncontrolledChemical Sensoren_US
dc.subject.pquncontrolledIII-V materialsen_US
dc.subject.pquncontrolledIntegrated Opticsen_US

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