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    • Iranian Public Opinion after the Protests 

      Gallagher, Nancy; Mohseni, Ebrahim; Ramsay, Clay (CISSM, 2018-07-09)
      Summary of Findings 1. More Iranians See Economy as Bad and Getting Worse Growing majorities say Iran’s economic situation is bad and getting worse. Less than a fifth now say the economic condition of their family has ...
    • Balancing Belligerents or Feeding the Beast: Transforming Conflict Traps 

      Hayden, Nancy (2018-02-26)
      Even as the threat of international conflict between great powers re-emerges, violent civil conflict remains one of the greatest threats to human security and global stability. Persistent conflicts – those that have been ...
    • Arms Control as Uncertainty Management 

      Nelson, Amy (2018-04-23)
      For decades or longer, policy-makers have sought to use arms control to reduce the uncertainty endemic to the international security environment. Because uncertainty is pervasive in these situations, however, practitioners ...
    • Building Confidence in the Cybersphere: A Path to Multilateral Progress 

      Hitchens, Theresa; Gallagher, Nancy (2018-03-31)
      As use of the Internet has become critical to global economic development and international security, there is near-unanimous agreement on the need for more international cooperation to increase stability and security in ...
    • A Proposed Hierarchical Taxonomy for Assessing the Primary Effects of Cyber Events: A Sector Analysis 2014-2016 

      Harry, Charles (2018-02-28)
      Publicity surrounding the threat of cyber-attacks continues to grow, yet immature classification methods for these events prevent technical staff, organizational leaders, and policy makers from engaging in meaningful and ...