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    • Pipelined CPU-GPU Scheduling for Caches 

      Gerzhoy, Daniel; Yeung, Donald (2021-03-23)
      Heterogeneous microprocessors integrate a CPU and GPU with a shared cache hierarchy on the same chip, affording low-overhead communication between the CPU and GPU's cores. Often times, large array data structures are ...
    • Nervous system maps on the C. elegans genome 

      Cherniak, Christopher; Mokhtarzada, Zekeria; Rodriguez-Esteban, Raul (2020-09-28)
      This project begins from a synoptic point of view, focusing upon the large-scale (global) landscape of the genome. This is along the lines of combinatorial network optimization in computational complexity theory [1]. Our ...
    • Design and Evaluation of Monolithic Computers Implemented Using Crossbar ReRAM 

      Jagasivamani, Meenatchi; Walden, Candace; Singh, Devesh; Li, Shang; Kang, Luyi; Asnaashari, Mehdi; Dubois, Sylvain; Jacob, Bruce; Yeung, Donald (2019-07-16)
      A monolithic computer is an emerging architecture in which a multicore CPU and a high-capacity main memory system are all integrated in a single die. We believe such architectures will be possible in the near future due ...
    • Exploiting Multi-Loop Parallelism on Heterogeneous Microprocessors 

      Zuzak, Michael; Yeung, Donald (2016-11-10)
      Heterogeneous microprocessors integrate CPUs and GPUs on the same chip, providing fast CPU-GPU communication and enabling cores to compute on data "in place." These advantages will permit integrated GPUs to exploit a ...
    • Body Maps on Human Chromosomes 

      Cherniak, Christopher; Rodriguez-Esteban, Raul (2015-11-08)
      An exploration of the hypothesis that human genes are organized somatotopically: For each autosomal chromosome, its tissue-specific genes tend to have relative positions on the chromosome that mirror corresponding positions ...