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    • Testing limits to airflow perturbation device (APD) measurements 

      Lopresti, Erika R; Johnson, Arthur T; Koh, Frank C; Scott, William H; Jamshidi, Shaya; Silverman, Nischom K (Springer Nature, 2008-10-31)
      The Airflow Perturbation Device (APD) is a lightweight, portable device that can be used to measure total respiratory resistance as well as inhalation and exhalation resistances. There is a need to determine limits to the ...
    • Microbial nar-GFP cell sensors reveal oxygen limitations in highly agitated and aerated laboratory-scale fermentors 

      Garcia, Jose R; Cha, Hyung J; Rao, Govind; Marten, Mark R; Bentley, William E (Springer Nature, 2009-01-15)
      Small-scale microbial fermentations are often assumed to be homogeneous, and oxygen limitation due to inadequate micromixing is often overlooked as a potential problem. To assess the relative degree of micromixing, and ...
    • Mapping the moral boundaries of biological engineering 

      Russ, Zachary N (Springer Nature, 2009-05-08)
      The following essay was written by a sophomore undergraduate student majoring in Bioengineering at the University of Maryland, Mr. Zachary Russ. Mr. Russ was one of 174 students who submitted a 1000–1200 word essay to the ...
    • Analysis of recent segmental duplications in the bovine genome 

      Liu, George E; Ventura, Mario; Cellamare, Angelo; Chen, Lin; Cheng, Ze; Zhu, Bin; Li, Congjun; Song, Jiuzhou; Eichler, Evan E (Springer Nature, 2009-12-01)
      Duplicated sequences are an important source of gene innovation and structural variation within mammalian genomes. We performed the first systematic and genome-wide analysis of segmental duplications in the modern domesticated ...
    • Teaching the principle of biological optimization 

      Johnson, Arthur T (Springer Nature, 2013-02-20)
      Among the important principles in biology that should be taught in biological engineering educational programs is the principle of optimization, what it means, why it is important, and how it comes about. This material can ...