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The Design of Efficient Internetwork Authentication for Ubiquitous Wireless Communications

dc.contributor.authorShin, Minho
dc.contributor.authorMa, Justin
dc.contributor.authorArbaugh, William A.
dc.description.abstractA variety of wireless technologies have been standardized and commercialized, but no single solution is considered the best to satisfy all communication needs due to different coverage and bandwidth limitations. Therefore, internetworking between heterogeneous wireless networks is extremely important for ubiquitous and high performance wireless communications. The security problem is one of the major challenges in internetworking. To date, most research on internetwork authentication has focused on centralized authentication approaches, where the home network participates in each authentication process. For high latency between the home and visiting networks, such approaches tend to be inefficient. In this paper, we describe chained authentication, which requires collaboration between adjacent networks without involvement of the home network. After categorizing chained protocols, we propose a novel design of chained authentication methods under 3G-WLAN internetworking. The experiments show that proactive context transfer and ticket forwarding reduce the 3G authentication latency to 36.8% and WLAN EAP-TLS latency to 23.1% when RTT between visiting and home networks is 200 ms.en
dc.format.extent325018 bytes
dc.relation.ispartofseriesUM Computer Science Departmenten
dc.titleThe Design of Efficient Internetwork Authentication for Ubiquitous Wireless Communicationsen
dc.typeTechnical Reporten

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