Scenario Planning for Restorative Justice in Lakeland

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Abban, John
Abe, Danielle
Asamoah, Heather
Dyson, Katharine
Farieta, Maria
Hackman, Michael
Jett, Connor
Kaku, Upasana
Kaushik, Redowan
Madden, Maureen
Irazabal, Clara
Cameron, Hannah
This report begins with a discussion of the concept of restorative justice and the three themes that guided and organized our work — community infrastructure, housing and land use, and climate change adaptation and mitigation. Following this introduction of the three guiding themes, the report contains a summary of our analysis of existing conditions, including a review of different planning sectors, a brief history of Lakeland, and a summary of plans and policies that have influenced the course of Lakeland. The next section of the report is a summary of the findings of our various community engagement approaches, including recommendations for future best practices for the city and the Restorative Justice Commission as they continue this work. Finally, we present the three planning scenarios — Status Quo, Reform, and Revolutionary — that envision various alternative futures for Lakeland.
Final project for URSP708: Community Planning Studio (Fall 2022). University of Maryland, College Park.