Electrical & Computer Engineering Theses and Dissertations: Recent submissions

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    • Demystifying Monaural Speech Segregation Models 

      Parikh, Rahil (2022)
      The ‘cocktail party problem’ is the task of attending to a source of interest, usually speech, in a complex acoustic environment with concurrent sounds. Despite the apparent ease with which humans can group acoustic cues ...
    • Nonlinear Target Tracking Methods for Near-Radially Inbound Targets 

      Ford, Kevin Robert (2022)
      Maneuvering, near-radially inbound (NRI) anti-ship missile (ASM) targets pose a difficult problem for ship self-defense systems. The ongoing evolution of these targets is a primary driver of the research and development ...
    • Toward Photonic Orbital Angular Momentum as a Remote Sensing Modality through Random Media 

      Ferlic, Nathaniel Alexander (2022)
      Within the last few decades, the spatial degree of freedom of light has gained significant attention in the form of photonic orbital angular momentum (OAM). The use of OAM for remote sensing has been of significant interest ...
    • Quantum Light Generation from Bound Excitons in ZnSe 

      Karasahin, Aziz (2022)
      Quantum light sources and spin-based qubits are essential building blocks for on-chip scalable quantum computation and information processing. To achieve scalability, information-storing qubits should exhibit long coherence ...
    • Spectral Methods for Neural Network Designs 

      Su, Jiahao (2022)
      Neural networks are general-purpose function approximators. Given a problem, engineers or scientists select a hypothesis space of functions with specific properties by designing the network architecture. However, mainstream ...