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Recent Submissions

  • To Inherit the Wind: Margo Jones as Director 

    Housley, Helen Marie (1991)
    Margo Jones was an important force in the American theatre. Noted as theatrical producer, nurturer of new playwrights, initiator of professional arena staging, and founder of the regional theatre movement, Jones directed ...
  • Women in American Theatre, 1850-1870: A Study in Professional Equity 

    Cooley, Edna Hammer (1986)
    This study supports the contention that women in the American theatre from 1850 to 1870 experienced a unique degree of professional equity with men in theatre. The time-frame has been selected for two reasons: (1) actresses ...
  • Forum Theatre as Theatre for Development in East Africa 

    Warheit, Emily Jane (2017)
    Theatre for development (TfD) includes a variety of performance practices that aim to communicate or foster dialogue in a development context. Forum Theatre, developed by Brazilian Director Augusto Boal as part of his ...

    Boynton, Michael John (2017)
    The primary function of the nerd stereotype—like any other stereotype—is to reinforce and reify cultural hegemony, to delineate who has access to power and who does not. In this dissertation, I argue that the nerd stereotype ...
  • Sexuality, Gender, and the Performance of Wrestling Fan Culture 

    Krenek, Jessica Lloyd (2017)
    This dissertation focuses on fan culture in the world of professional wrestling, specifically the perspectives and experiences of female and AFAB (assigned female at birth) non-binary fans . The project explores broader ...

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