Art Theses and Dissertations

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Recent Submissions

  • Separately Together 

    Katt, Elizabeth C (2022)
    This body of work explores aspects of our Covid-19 experience for the past two plus years. The unknown quality of the virus in its beginning, people going alone to the hospital with no loved one by their side, unpredictable ...

    Imes, Alyssa Maria (2022)
    Title of Thesis: POST-TRAUMATIC GROWTH Alyssa Imes, Master of Fine Arts 2022 Thesis directed by: Associate Professor Shannon Collis, Department of Art POST-TRAUMATIC GROWTH “Trauma ebbs and flows It is unstable and ...
  • Momentary Transmission 

    Gonzales, Martin (2022)
    The scope of this work seeks to make meaning out of things that cannot be understood. The following writing are momentary transmissions of streams of consciousness, life-long institutional reflections, and musings about ...
  • George Wesley Bellows' War Lithographs and Paintings of 1918 

    Wasserman, Krystyna (1981)
    This thesis analyzes the sources, subject matter and style of George Bellows' seventeen war lithographs, five paintings and five drawings of 1918. Evidence is advanced to prove that the political developments of the ...

    Zenisek, Heidi (2021)
    This body of work reexamining my relationship to home-past, present, and future- involves seeing beyond the untarnished façade of memory to the unflattering reality, whose rough edges have been smoothed. With the realization ...

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