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Recent Submissions

  • UMD Resilient Adaptive Climate Technology ThinkTank (reACT TT): Purpose, Accomplishments and Future Directions 

    Cossard, Patricia Kosco; Hubbard, William (2022-10-12)
    reACT ThinkTank is a campus-wide initiative involving faculty, staff, and students collaborating with Maryland tribal communities, who are deeply committed to a dynamic transdisciplinary approach to sustainability that ...
  • 2020-2021 Annual Report 

    reACT ThinkTank (2021-05-18)
    The reACT Living Laboratory & ThinkTank presents a record of work April 2020-May 2021. The report demonstrates a good rate of return on the University's investment in both the Solar Decathlon and the administrators, ...
  • U.S. Department of Energy Solar District Cup Collegiate Design Competition, Class of 2021, Team Maryland 

    Cossard, Patricia Kosco (2021-04-16)
    The Solar District Cup Class of 2021 final deliverable has been submitted and accepted. The judges and Solar District Cup organizers are excited to see the solutions Team Maryland has developed over the past several months. ...
  • Project Proposal: UFC District Use Case 

    Nerrise, Favour; Brinkman, Jakob; Mountain, Pamela; Yee, Jonathan; Stanfield, Cade; Kirshenboin, Tali; Molkara, Yasmin; Owoeye, Oluwadara (2021-04-26)
    The Final Deliverable Package includes a complete conceptual design and techno-economic analysis of a proposed interconnected solar PV plus battery electric storage system that maximizes energy offset and savings over the ...