The Velvaere: Re-imagining Health & Wellness Within Post-Industrial Urban Infrastructure

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Haslup, Collin James Andrew
VanderGoot, Jana
Hu, Ming
A health-conscious mindset is imperative to effectively promote a sustainable living lifestyle. We must continuously engage and evolve our "velvaere" to enhance our overall quality of life and emulate the true meaning of human prosperity. Velvaere is a term of Danish origin that translates to "well-being". Through an investigation and critique of current architectural practices, this thesis fosters an opportunity for individuals to achieve a healthier living lifestyle. By exploring the opportunity to expose outdated urban industrial infrastructure that has harmed the health of our environment and people could be reversed to promote a holistic balance of well-being for our everyday lives. Obtaining a holistic balance of physical activity, nutritional value, social interaction, education, and psychological growth will directly impact and benefit our health, comfort, and happiness. Using innovative approaches of architectural planning and sustainable design, the Velvaere will manifest a new form of post-industrial urbanism and redefine the essence of accomplishing pinnacle human well-being.