Connecting Crossroad: Designing an Equitable Future for Langley Park and The International Corridor

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Ghafar Samar, Sara
Bell, Matthew
Langley Park is a largely low-income community in Prince George and Montgomery County Maryland with a majority of foreign-born residents and a mix of small businesses and relatively dense multifamily housing. The arrival of the Purple Line Light Rail is both an opportunity and a threat to the vast amount of market-rate affordable rental housing and the strong community and culture of residents, businesses and social institutions of the area. Immigrant communities may be poor in capital, but they are rich in culture and foci of cross-cultural connections. This thesis aims to address the needed attention to this transit center, the international corridor, and its adjacent affordable residential area to produce equitable transit-oriented design solutions and action plans that will protect the area’s affordable housing alongside addressing the communal and cultural goals of the immigrant residents by creating cross-cultural urban spaces of connection.