The Genesis of American-Persian Relations, 1883-1904

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Grunwald, Frank Herbert
Foust, Clifford M.
This thesis discusses the causes which led to diplomatic representation on the part of the United States in Persia, the means by which such representation was established, and the first twenty years or so of its history. It covers the l imitations of this relationship due to the American foreign policy of the time, that of non-involvement and non-interference in the domestic affairs of Persia, and the positive contribution made by American missionaries in furthering friendly relations between the two countries. The thesis shows how America's lack of interest in Persia was contrasted with the Persian drive to enlist United States support in strengthening its ability to resist economic and political pressure, mainly from Russia, and how the Department of State repeatedly turned aside all advances made by Persia through the United States minister in Teheran and offered no encouragement to American business to become established there. It deals with the attitude of Kurdish tribesmen toward Persian Christians, American missionaries, and the Persian central authority, and how their attitude influenced American diplomatic relations.