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    • reACT Native American Client Research Report 

      Client Relations & Tribal Affairs Sub-team; Stoltz, Angela C.; Harmon, Kyle; Gallardo, Justin; Schrantz, Emma; Fairhurst, Ricky; George, Shaliah; Molyneaux-Francis, Michael; Lagomarsino, Matt; HInojosa, Christine; Rockcastle, Garth; COSSARD, PATRICIA (2017-07-24)
      This report articulates and describes reACT's underlying principles and foundational theories of the essential role of the indigenous voice, and specifically Native American participation, in climate action.
    • PROJECT: 2020 Solar Decathlon Middle East, reACT reGENERATED: Final Report 

      Cossard, Patricia Kosco; Rockcastle, Garth; Adomaitis, Raymond; Stoltz, Angela; Hubbard, William; Koliji, Hooman; Hwang, Yunho; May, Peter; Quinn, Peter; Long, Kristy; Buck, Blaze; Hinojosa, Christine; Elmahadi, Alla; Bishop, Zachary; Emaikwu, Nehemiah; Huang, Siyue; Katz, Yehuda; reACT ThinkTank (2020-05-03)
      Team Maryland was invited to the 2020 Solar Decathlon Middle East for the purpose and intention of bringing US representation to this particular International Solar Decathlon competition. The reACT faculty leaders and their ...
    • reACT: resilient Adaptive Climate Change: preprint 

      Stoltz, Angela Christine; Cossard, Patricia Kosco; Owoeye, Oluwadara; Kerlin, Lauren (2018)
      This is a preprint version of the article on reACT: resilient Adaptive Climate Technology.
    • reACT: resilient Adaptive Climate Change, AV presentation 

      Stoltz, Angela Christine; Cossard, Patricia Kosco (2018-06-30)
      This video was first presented in a virtual Conference of the 2018 International Conference on Sustainable Energy and Environment Sensing (SEES2018). It reviews the sd2017 house technologies that wed indigenous (Nanticoke ...
    • Solar Decathlon 2017 D-5: 3-D Walk-Through 

      Team reACT; Johnson-Williams, Malik; Southard, Renata; Zain, Shah (2016-12-15)
      Animated walkthrough created from architectural renderings to date. This was used by the U.S. Department of Energy Solar Decathlon 2017 as part of their media package. Team Maryland used it for various outreach and ...