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    • Solar Decathlon 2017 D-5: 3-D Walk-Through 

      Team reACT; Johnson-Williams, Malik; Southard, Renata; Zain, Shah (2016-12-15)
      Animated walkthrough created from architectural renderings to date. This was used by the U.S. Department of Energy Solar Decathlon 2017 as part of their media package. Team Maryland used it for various outreach and ...
    • Solar Decathlon 2017 D-5: Architectural Renderings 

      Team reACT; Johnson-Williams, Malik; Southard, Renata; Moore, Anil (2016-12-15)
      Images, with exterior, interior, and birds-eye views, includes a .docx file with photographer credits.
    • Solar Decathlon 2017 D-4: Design Specifications 

      Team reACT; Campbell, Jamie (2016-11-17)
      Construction Specifications, details of all material to be used in construction and their compliance with the appropriate Building codes.
    • Solar Decathlon 2017 D-4: Project Manual 

      Team reACT; Campbell, Jamie; Goo, Emily; Sudarsanan, Srijesh (2016-11-17)
      Project Overview. Detailed Water Budget. Interconnection Information Form, including summary of any unlisted electrical components. Summary of reconfigurable features. Health and Safety Approach. Energy Analysis and Model.
    • Solar Decathlon 2017 D-4: 90% Complete Design Drawings 

      Team reACT; Johnson-Williams, Malik; Oh Boun, Sandra; Elmahadi, Alla (2016-11-17)
      90% complete construction documentation: General, including solar envelope compliance, accessible tour route, finished square footage, water delivery and removal compliance information, and constructed footprint calculations. ...