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    • RDA Beta Toolkit Workshop: From overview to creating linked data 

      Glennan, Kathy (2020-02-26)
      Presentation on the Beta RDA Toolkit's structure, navigation basics, and new concepts; includes examples and exercises.
    • Innovation: Serving the Studio 

      Cossard, Patricia Kosco (ARLIS/NA, 2014-05)
      This Presentation delineates the origins of the University of Maryland Libraries' Kiosk and Pop-up Library services that were created by Patricia Kosco Cossard in response to the 2012 Architecture Library Needs Assessment ...
    • Architecture Library Needs Assessment Report & Recommendations 

      Cossard, Patricia Kosco; Howland, Marie; Simon, Madlen; Cohen, Jim; Linebaugh, Donald; McFarland, Margaret; Otis, Lara; McElrath, Douglas; Larimer, Cynthia; Kaur, Amrita (2012)
      The University Libraries and the School of Architecture, Planning, and Preservation both face pressures on limited space and budgets, the need to plan for new technologies, and to provide innovative educational experiences. ...
    • Long-Term Exposure to Ambient Air Pollution and Type 2 Diabetes in Adults 

      Puett, Robin C.; Quirós-Alcalá, Lesliam; Montresor-López, Jessica A; Tchangalova, Nedelina; Dutta, Anindita; Payne-Sturges, Devon; Yanosky, Jeff D. (Current Epidemiology Reports (Springer Link), 2019-02-09)
      PURPOSE OF REVIEW We identified 24 publications from January 2010 until September 2018 in the peer-reviewed literature addressing the relationship of long-term air pollution exposures and type 2 diabetes-related morbidity ...
    • Socially-assigned race and health: A scoping review with global implications for population health equity 

      White, Kellee; Lawrence, Jourdyn A.; Tchangalova, Nedelina; Huang, Shuo J.; Cummings, Jason L. (International Journal for Equity in Health (Springer Link), 2020-02-10)
      Self-identified race/ethnicity is largely used to identify, monitor, and examine racial/ethnic inequalities. A growing body of work underscores the need to consider multiple dimensions of race – the social construction of ...