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Recent Submissions

  • Philosophy and Translatability 

    Enos, Casey (2021)
    Can anything that can be said in one language be translated, without loss of meaning, into any other? Katz, inspired by Frege and others, argued for an affirmative answer to this question and proposed a Principle of ...
  • Semantics and pragmatics in a modular mind 

    McCourt, Michael Sullivan (2021)
    This dissertation asks how we should understand the distinction between semantic and pragmatic aspects of linguistic understanding within the framework of mentalism, on which the study of language is a branch of psychology. ...

    Kalewold, Kalewold Hailu (2021)
    This dissertation advances the new mechanistic philosophy of science by developing novel accounts of activities and good parts. In the first chapter, I develop a Hybrid Account of activities that integrates production and ...
  • A New Theory of Individualized Evidence 

    Barclay, Charles Arthur (2021)
    Theories of individualized evidence have been offered to show why, inter alia, we are not justified in finding a defendant legally responsible on the basis of mere statistical evidence even if the probability of his guilt ...
  • Cell maps on the human genome 

    Cherniak, Christopher; Rodriguez-Esteban, Raul (Springer Nature, 2019-03-20)
    We have previously described evidence for a statistically significant, global, supra-chromosomal representation of the human body that appears to stretch over the entire genome. Here, we extend the genome mapping model, ...

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