The Uninsured in America

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Blue Cross, Blue Shield Association
Blue Cross, Blue Shield Association (2005) The Uninsured in America. UNSPECIFIED.
The rising number of Americans without health insurance concerns us all. The ability to live a healthy and productive life is important to everyone. Quality healthcare coverageis essential to that goal, and the lack of coverage can be devastating to families. Reducing the number of uninsured Americans and keeping quality healthcare affordable are the top priorities of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield System. As healthcare companies that have been members of the American community for more than 75 years, Blue Cross and Blue Shield Plans want to be part of the solution. There is no single magic answer to this problem. Research shows that the uninsured are diverse and that there are many reasons why some individuals and their families are uninsured. This report highlights how Blue Cross and Blue Shield has taken a leadership role at the national and local levels to keep costs in line and increase opportunities for affordable coverage. The broad range of initiatives outlined here addresses the specific needs of the many millions of people who make up the uninsured in America. At the same time, we know that the continuing vitality of America's healthcare system depends on thoughtful, coordinated contributions from all sides. That is why we also set out a series of legislative proposals in this document calling for the private sector and government to work hand-in-hand to reduce the number of the uninsured. Taken together, these proposals could reduce the ranks of the 44.7 million uninsured Americans identified in the 2004 Census report by as much as two-thirds.