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  • Resisting Reproductive Regulation in Early Twentieth Century American Women's Fiction 

    DePriest, Elizabeth Ann (2017)
    Resisting Reproductive Regulation contributes to a growing body of criticism about how women participated in early twentieth century debates about reproduction in the United States. While the mainstream American birth ...
  • Employment Writing in Group Outplacement Training Programs 

    Brearey, Oliver James (2017)
    This dissertation provides an empirical account of rhetorical and writing practices in outplacement, which comprises a collection of for-profit and governmental organizations that offer consulting and counseling services ...
  • Instituting Violence: Spaces of Exception in Twentieth- and Twenty-First Century American Fiction 

    Slaughter, Nicholas Allen (2017)
    Since the War on Terror’s onset, American studies have popularized philosopher Giorgio Agamben’s argument in the treatises Homo Sacer (1995) and State of Exception (2003) that modern governments have come to operate in a ...
  • Harbor 

    Young, Martha A. (2011)
    The speaker confronts both her ambiguous relationship with her father and becoming a parent herself, moving from fear and anger to a tentative reconciliation. Specific topics also include motherhood, the author's younger ...
  • Parenting Stories 

    Witte, Peter H. (2017)
    This collection of stories is about the experience of raising young children, the minds of children, and inheritance. These connected stories explore the wild and the mundane, the joyful and sad, the confusing and obvious, ...

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