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  • Somerville Stories 

    Marsden, McKenna (2022)
    "Somerville Stories" is a collection of six short stories set in Cambridge and Somerville, Massachusetts. They revolve around themes of work and the communities that form through it, relationships and their dissolution, ...
  • The Vandal and Other Stories 

    Wolfe, Kiera (2022)
    “The Vandal and Other Stories” is a collection that sprouts at the intersection of humor and earnestness, of connection and desperation. It features unlikely relationships – a man and his father’s God-anointed replacement, ...
  • Missing You 

    Watkins, Connor (2022)
    Missing You is a collection of poems that moves through simultaneous narratives of familial longing and grief, wrestling with God, searching for self-stasis and love, and living with depression––which covers the speaker’s ...
  • Debris 

    Karoly, Kathryn Rose (2022)
    The poems in Debris (by Kathryn Karoly) consider the female self through the internalized hate manifested from outside social forces into the reconstruction of the mental self, and physical self as well, as seen in the ...
  • Underneath It All 

    Latouche, Lisa (2022)
    Underneath It All explores relationships in a society that can spill secrets as easily as it can keep them. Josephine’s demons confront her when a man who had been incarcerated for over twenty-five years for the murder of ...

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