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  • A Comparison of Header and Deep Packet Features when Detecting Network Intrusions 

    Watson, Gavin (2018-07-07)
    A classical multilayer perceptron algorithm and novel convolutional neural network payload classifying algorithm are presented for use on a realistic network intrusion detection dataset. The payload classifying algorithm ...
  • Ethics Emerging: The Story of Privacy and Security Perceptions in Virtual Reality 

    Adams, Devon; Bah, Alseny; Barwulor, Catherine; Musabay, Nureli; Pitkin, Kadeem; Redmiles, Elissa M. (2018-02-20)
    Virtual reality (VR) technology aims to transport the user to a virtual world, fully immersing them in an experience entirely separate from the real world. VR devices can use sensor data to draw deeply personal inferences ...
  • An Application of Jeeves for Honeypot Sanitization 

    Webster, Ashton (2018-02-15)
    Being able to quickly create realistic honeypots is very useful for obtaining accurate information about attacker behavior. However, creating realistic honeypots requires sanitization of the original system from which the ...
  • Fast and Service-preserving Recovery from Malware Infections using CRIU 

    Webster, Ashton; Eckenrod, Ryan; Purtilo, James (2018-02-15)
    Once a computer system has been infected with malware, restoring it to an uninfected state often requires costly service-interrupting actions such as rolling back to a stable snapshot or reimaging the system entirely. We ...
  • A Summary of Survey Methodology Best Practices for Security and Privacy Researchers 

    Redmiles, Elissa M.; Acar, Yasemin; Fahl, Sascha; Mazurek, Michelle L. (2017-05-03)
    "Given a choice between dancing pigs and security, users will pick dancing pigs every time," warns an oft-cited quote from well-known security researcher Bruce Schneier. This issue of understanding how to make security ...

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