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Recent Submissions

  • Sanctuary Influence in Classical Representations of Incubation: The Motif of the Witness Awake 

    Barrenechea, Francisco (Phoenix, a Journal of the Classical Association of Canada, 2016)
    Classical representations of the miracle cures of Asclepius reflect a model influenced by the agenda of his sanctuaries, particularly in the way they seek to give proof of the experience of incubation and the manifestation ...
  • Lucretius: the Wonderer 

    Kunz, Inna (2014)
    I seek to create a Lucretius text useful for a high school classroom including a commentary on four sections of the poem. The passages include 2.998 – 1047 which explains how the Epicurean atomic theory, 3.912—979 the ...
  • Erotic Curse Tablets from the Heroön of Opheltes at Nemea 

    Bravo, Jorge J. III (The American School of Classical Studies at Athens, 2016)
    Four inscribed lead curse tablets excavated from the Heroön of Opheltes at Nemea are edited and presented here with commentary. The texts of the tablets are erotic in nature, but closer analysis reveals a fundamental ...
  • Animal Similes and Gender in the Odyssey and Oresteia 

    Braff, Johanna Leah (2008-05-19)
    This thesis offers an overview of a selection of the animal similes within the Odyssey and the Agamemnon. I examine the ways in which the animal similes, reverse similes, and overall character portrayal are depicted within ...