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Recent Submissions

  • Cultural Heritage and Climate Change Adaptation Pathways 

    Van Dolah, Elizabeth Rebecca (2018)
    This dissertation seeks to ethnographically understand the role of cultural heritage in climate change adaptation decision-making, and the mechanisms by which heritage is used to shape adaptation pathways for responding ...

    BAILEY, MEGAN (2018)
    This dissertation examines a late eighteenth- and early nineteenth-century plantation site, L’Hermitage, which is located in Frederick, Maryland, on what is now Monocacy National Battlefield. It considers how the ...
  • The First European Colonization of the North Atlantic 

    Hambrecht, George (Springer, 2015)
    Many facets of what are commonly considered to be novel and unique characteristics of modern Capitalism have their roots, often in a mature form, in the Medieval Period (Abu-Lughod 1991; Crosby 2004; Hoffmann 2001; Marks ...
  • International Approaches to Climate Change and Cultural Heritage 

    Hambrecht, George; Rockman, Marcy (American Antiquity, 2017)
    Anthropogenic climate change is increasingly threatening cultural heritage; cultural resource managers, communities, and archaeologists are confronting this reality. Yet the phenomenon is happening over such a wide range ...
  • Archaeological Sites as Distributed Long-term Observing Networks of the Past (DONOP) 

    Hambrecht, George; Anderung, Cecillia; Brewington, Seth; Dugmore, Andrew; Edvardsson, Ragnar; Feeley, Francis; Gibbons, Kevin; Harrison, Ramona; Hicks, Megan; Jackson, Rowan; Olafsdóttir, Guðbjörg Asta; Rockman, Marcy; Smiarowski, Konrad; Streeter, Richard; Szabo, Vicki; McGovern, Thomas (Quaternary International, 2018)
    Archaeological records provide a unique source of direct data on long-term human-environment interactions and samples of ecosystems affected by differing degrees of human impact. Distributed long-term datasets from ...

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