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      Gan, Tianqi (2022)
      This dissertation focuses on the economics of education in developing countries with a particular focus on parental educational investment decisions in China. In Chapter 1, I explore how parents' belief affect their ...
    • Essays on Education in Costa Rica 

      Vega Monge, Melissa Vanessa (2021)
      My dissertation consists of three chapters related to education economics. In the first chapter, I investigate the effects of class size on educational outcomes for secondary schools of Costa Rica. To assess the impact of ...
    • Market Structure and Congestion Externalities: Theory and application to the ride-hailing industry 

      Gomez Gelvez, Julian Andres (2021)
      The encompassing theme of this dissertation is the analysis of markets that feature market power and negative externalities. I focus mainly on congestion externalities, as externalities that affect only market participants. The ...
    • Essays on transportation and environment in China 

      Shen, Chang (2021)
      My dissertation focuses on environmental issues associated with the transportation sector in China. The automobile industry in China has grown exponentially in the past 20 years. The rapid growth poses enormous challenges ...
    • Essays on Regulatory Uncertainty & Energy Development in the American West 

      Hunt, Jeffrey (2021)
      This dissertation undertakes an analysis of regulation in the American West, investigating the effects of expropriation uncertainty and technological change in the leasing process.The first chapter explores the possible ...