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    • Engaging High Street, Chestertown MD 

      Fann, Audrey; Martin, Bryn; Moody, Kelsey; Ren, Xiaojin; Savio, Hannah; Stokes, Bridget (Partnership for Action Learning in Sustainability (PALS), 2020)
      Landscape architecture masters students explore the rational site design process at selected project scales with the utilization of GIS as the primary tool. The primary goal of the Chestertown Streetscape Project is to ...
    • MyCoast Pilot Communities 

      Cunningham, Grant; DelMonico, Jeffery; Kotzker, Sophie; McCormally, Samuel; McManus, Sophie; Mitchell, Caitlyn; Morales Luna, Alondra; Reitman, Carter; Van Allen, Max; Von Stetten, Timothy; Yee, Karen (Partnership for Action Learning in Sustainability (PALS), 2020)
      Maryland’s MyCoast Program is a strategic effort to anticipate and assess the impacts of flooding events across the state. MyCoast is a National program with the mission to document tides, storm damage, beach cleanups, ...
    • Commercial Corridor Plan for Seat Pleasant - CVS Site Plan 

      Bernard, Steven; Smith, Kia; Huang, Siyue; Teimouri, Mohsen; Zhang, Weishi (2021)
      Welcome to District Line, an exciting new destination in the making. This multi-family,mixed-use project is being planned for three underutilized parcels in SeatPleasant,Maryland, just across DC’s eastern border.The site ...
    • Commercial Corridor Plan for Seat Pleasant - Gas Station Site Plan 

      Garrett, Domynique; Ramirez, Jessica; Veliz, Nathan; Hu, Yuan; Roach, Catherine (Partnership for Action Learning in Sustainability (PALS), 2021)
      In February 2021, the community of Seat Pleasant requested an analysis from different real estate developers to propose potential developments in the existing shopping districts along a main traffic artery, Martin Luther ...
    • Food Access and Equity in Prince George's County 

      Drewyer, Darcy; Exar, Laura; Macek, Eva; Rush, Katherine; Scheckman, Adam; Torres, Liana; Williams, Jare (Partnership for Action Learning in Sustainability (PALS), 2021)
      The semester was divided into a group of students who studied a comprehensive comprehensive analysis of food equity in Prince George’s County, with a focus on the most vulnerable communities including to determine appropriate ...