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    • A Framework Plan for Preservation and Growth in Creswell, Harford County, Maryland 

      Ali, Bilal; Latimer, Sarah; MacKereth, Nick; Nye, Kari; Ottalini, Russ; Smith, Jerah; Weller, AnnaLinden; Clites, Philip; Espinoza, Maria; Kerner, Bridget; Phelps, Brooks; Scott, Sacsheen; Goldsborough, Elena (Partnership for Action Learning in Sustainability (PALS), 2019-06)
      HarfordNEXT, the county’s 2016 Masterplan, calls for a comprehensive analysis of facilities needed to serve Creswell and asserts that future development must be compatible with the preservation of Creswell’s rural character. ...
    • Springdale Preparatory Track Facility 

      Gobelez, Zeki; Murphy, Kyle; Henning, Brendan; Yerkes, Andrew; Machado, Fiona (Partnership for Action Learning in Sustainability (PALS), 2019)
    • Environmental Analysis and Development Potential in the Creswell Area of Harford County, MD 

      Russell, Sherry; Turner, Sarah; Wallace, Sarah (Partnership for Action Learning in Sustainability (PALS), 2018)
      This project was undertaken as part of the UMD PALS program by graduate Landscape Architecture students in LARC 642 in the fall of 2018. It contributes to a series of courses addressing the development potential of the ...
    • Sewer System Alternatives Evaluation for Potential Creswell Area Expansion in Harford County 

      Alarcon, Julio; McAllister, Nicholas; Furlong, Brian; Benyarku, Eben; Carter, Alonzo; Hall, Courtney; Belay, Mengistu; Cho, Andrew (Seong); Kaur, Gurpreet; Islam, Sanjidul; Batista, Sabrina; Lucki, Alexandra; Bloemendaal, Kim; Gonzalez, Raul Castillo; McElhaney, Matthew; Diwani, Souhayl; Reister, Ben; Clark, Phillip; Tokar, Jayne; Schachter, Greg; Tyshing, Miguel; Berhane, Michael; McKenna, Eric; Krasnoff, Gregory; SyedNaveed, Mishaal; Siegel, Evan; Shuey, Joe; Milligan, Austin; Miranda, Mario; Moez, Yasmin; Queen, Michael; Tolnay, Sara; Wink, Pete; Schito, Gabriella; O'Neal, Jeff; Drumm, Lauren; Alvarez-Couceiro, Nico; Dougen, Graham; Radstake, Damiaen; Reisfeld, Daniel; Berger, Eli; Streett, Rebecca; Palumbo, Emily; Hoover, Madeline; Blout, Tim; Sage, Madison; Holtzman, William; Sultan, Robin; Mayer, Erik; Nachenberg, Koby; Lynch, Sadie (Partnership for Action Learning in Sustainability (PALS), 2018)
      This report summarizes the findings of the ENCE422 Fall 2018 class term project. Students were tasked with evaluating sewer system alternatives for the Creswell area expansion in Harford County. Student groups were to ...
    • Inspector District Management Process Flow Study, Harford County Department of Inspections, Licenses, and Permits 

      Mishra, Ritwik; Parikh, Raj (Partnership for Action Learning in Sustainability (PALS), 2018)
      The Department of Inspections, Licenses, and Permits (ILP) in Harford County, Maryland works to create streamlined and efficient processes for inspections, licenses, and permits for the construction in the county. The ...