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EEBO in WorldCat Discovery

dc.contributor.authorGuay, Beth
dc.description.abstractThe presentation provides a descriptive overview of the UM Libraries' Early English Books Online (EEBO) cataloging project described in "A Case Study on the Path to Resource Discovery," in Information Technology and Libraries, 36:3 (2017). The project began as an attempt to adapt cataloging workflows to the new environment in which e-resources copy cataloging takes place within discovery system tools rather than MARC record set or individual record downloads into online catalog. The presentation covers EEBO’s relationship to scholarship and to cooperative cataloging. The presenter offers recommendations for maximizing existing bibliographic metadata to improve resource discovery and to open a dialogue with a goal to extend cooperative cataloging of EEBO resources beyond traditional lines.en_US
dc.subjectWorldCat Discoveryen_US
dc.subjectEarly English Books Onlineen_US
dc.subjectCooperative Catalogingen_US
dc.subjectMARC 510 fielden_US
dc.titleEEBO in WorldCat Discoveryen_US
dc.relation.isAvailableAtLibrary Research & Innovative Practice Forum
dc.relation.isAvailableAtDigital Repository at the University of Maryland
dc.relation.isAvailableAtUniversity of Maryland (College Park, Md)

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