Identifying Fixed Points in Recurrent Neural Networks using Directional Fibers: Supplemental Material on Theoretical Results and Practical Aspects of Numerical Traversal

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Katz, Garrett
Reggia, James
Fixed points of recurrent neural networks can represent many things, including stored memories, solutions to optimization problems, and waypoints along non-fixed attractors. As such, they are relevant to a number of neurocomputational phenomena, ranging from low-level motor control and tool use to high-level problem solving and decision making. Therefore, global solution of the fixed point equations can improve our understanding and engineering of recurrent neural networks. While local solvers and statistical characterizations abound, we do not know of any method for efficiently and precisely locating all fixed points of an arbitrary network. To solve this problem we have proposed a novel strategy for global fixed point location, based on numerical traversal of mathematical objects we defined called directional fibers [2]. This report supplements our results in [2] by presenting certain technical aspects of our method in more depth.