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    • Unsupervised discovery of solid-state lithium ion conductors 

      Zhang, Ying; He, Xingfeng; Chen, Zhiqian; Bai, Qiang; Nolan, Adelaide M.; Roberts, Charles A.; Banerjee, Debasish; Matsunaga, Tomoya; Mo, Yifei; Ling, Chen (Springer Nature, 2019-11-20)
      Although machine learning has gained great interest in the discovery of functional materials, the advancement of reliable models is impeded by the scarcity of available materials property data. Here we propose and demonstrate ...
    • Single-digit-micrometer thickness wood speaker 

      Gan, Wentao; Chen, Chaoji; Kim, Hyun-Tae; Lin, Zhiwei; Dai, Jiaqi; Dong, Zhihua; Zhou, Zhan; Ping, Weiwei; He, Shuaiming; Xiao, Shaoliang; Yu, Miao; Hu, Liangbing (Springer Nature, 2019-11-08)
      Thin films of several microns in thickness are ubiquitously used in packaging, electronics, and acoustic sensors. Here we demonstrate that natural wood can be directly converted into an ultrathin film with a record-small ...
    • Statistical variances of diffusional properties from ab initio molecular dynamics simulations 

      He, Xingfeng; Zhu, Yizhou; Epstein, Alexander; Mo, Yifei (Nature Publishing Group, 2018-04-03)
      Ab initio molecular dynamics (AIMD) simulation is widely employed in studying diffusion mechanisms and in quantifying diffusional properties of materials. However, AIMD simulations are often limited to a few hundred atoms ...
    • Strategies Based on Nitride Materials Chemistry to Stabilize Li Metal Anode 

      Zhu, Yizhou; He, Xingfeng; Mo, Yifei (John Wiley & Sons Ltd., 2017-03-03)
      Lithium metal battery is a promising candidate for high-energy-density energy storage. Unfortunately, the strongly reducing nature of lithium metal has been an outstanding challenge causing poor stability and low coulombic ...
    • Topological frustration of artificial spin ice 

      Drisko, Jasper; Marsh, Thomas; Cumings, John (Nature Publishing Group, 2017-01-13)
      Frustrated systems, typically characterized by competing interactions that cannot all be simultaneously satisfied, display rich behaviours not found elsewhere in nature. Artificial spin ice takes a materials-by-design ...