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    • Internet access and use by COPD patients in the National Emphysema/COPD Association Survey 

      Martinez, Carlos H; St Jean, Beth L; Plauschinat, Craig A; Rogers, Barbara; Beresford, Julen; Martinez, Fernando J; Richardson, Caroline R; Han, MeiLan K (Springer Nature, 2014-04-22)
      Technology offers opportunities to improve healthcare, but little is known about Internet use by COPD patients. We tested two hypotheses: Internet access is associated with socio-demographic disparities and frequency of ...
    • Providing Culturally Responsive and Ethical Access To Indigenous Collections 

      Carpenter, Brian; Haynes, Caitlin; Marsh, Diana; Posas, Lisa; Punzalan, Ricardo L.; Rappaport, Gina; Stoner, Melissa (Archival Outlook, 2019-05)
      SAA’s Code of Ethics states, “Archivists promote the respectful use of culturally sensitive materials in their care by encouraging researchers to consult with communities of origin, recognizing that privacy has both legal ...
    • Toward Inclusive Reading Rooms: Recommendations for Decolonizing Practices and Welcoming Indigenous Researchers 

      Buchanan, Rose; George, Keau; Gibson, Taylor; Hung, Eric; Labinsky, Daria; Marsh, Diana E.; Menyuk, Rachel; Norton-Wisla, Lotus; Ortego-Chiolero, Selena; Sowry, Nathan; Tyndall, Monique (2021-01-26)
      The article, based on a discussion between the Native American Archives Section (NAAS) and the Human Rights Archives Section (HRAS) at the Society of American Archivists' Annual Meeting, discusses the current culture of ...
    • Access Policies for Native American Archival Materials in the National Anthropological Archives, Smithsonian Institution 

      Marsh, Diana E.; Leopold, Robert; Crowe, Katherine; Madison, Katherine S. (Society of American Archivists, 2020-10)
      This case study contributes to the history of collections access protocols by examining one repository’s policies and practices over a fifty-year period— those of the National Anthropological Archives at the Smithsonian ...
    • Strengthening Children’s Privacy Literacy through Contextual Integrity 

      Kumar, Priya C.; Subramaniam, Mega; Vitak, Jessica; Clegg, Tamara L.; Chetty, Marshini (Cogitatio, 2020-11-10)
      Researchers and policymakers advocate teaching children about digital privacy, but privacy literacy has not been theorized for children. Drawing on interviews with 30 families, including 40 children, we analyze children’s ...